Do You Analyze Everyone You Meet?

People most of time wonder if they are being analyzed by others, this is fear that everyone carries insiden her/himself.

Imagine an architect whose business and personal life includes walking into and out of buildings all day. Does the architect "analyze" every building , home, coffee shop, office, gym ; all day long? I doubt it. Perhaps if a particular construction is especially creative, or unusual, or singularly beautiful or ugly. But most of the time an architect relates to buildings the same way everyone else does: for the personal reasons he or she visited there.

We all meet with others all day, both personally and professionally.

While being at work, we usually concentrate toward understanding the person in front of us since she/he has paid to recieve our services and one of these services includes our focus and attention.

When we are with our loved ones, colleagues and others we automatically read their impressions, feelings, body gestures, behavior and ets to understand them but we never think that maybe that person in that moment is full of fear of reading her/him wrong. Our focus is toward understanding the person, we try our best base on our experiences, what we have heard/seen from others, what we have learned from books to be a Psychiatrist in that particular time to read the person and we absolutly beleive that we are right forgetting that NO ONE IN THE WORLD CAN UNDERSTAND ANYONE ELSE! we just to make a guess and might comfort a bit the other person when she/he is going through hard time,feel the happiness, joy and fear, reasoning out the revenge, emphasis on the person, understanf the jelousy and ets,,, but we fail to remember that WE ARE NOT THAT PERSON because we all believe in the below phrase:

"put yourself in others shoe!"

We human are emotional. Emotions and feelings are a natural part of our humanity.

"They are powerful signals that let you know how you are doing at the current moment. However, emotions and feelings are not isolated truths in themsleves. They are constantly in contact with other aspects of human needs such as longings, instincts, thoughts and inspiration. Every aspect of humanity contains its own truth and wisdom."

There are 27 emotions in human. We all share the feeling of: admiration, adoration, appriciation, amusement, anxiety, awe, awkardness, boredom, calmness, confution, craving, disgust, empathetic pain, entrancement, envy, excitement, fear, horror, interest, joy, nostalgia, romance, sadness, satisfaction, sexual desire, sympathy and finally the triumph. But what we dont know that all these 27 emotions differs from one to another; YOUR JOY IS COMPLETLY DIFFERENT THAN MINE. We should know that thers is difference between feeling and emotion; it can be a challange to experience peace and balance in all aspects. Often you unconsciously fight against your own human nature. You suppress emotions and feelings; you feel ashamed of certain thoughts, needs or longings; you ignore your own inspiration. As a result, you get stuck in emotional entanglement.

Being a Psychiatrist does not make you a mind-reader!

You must reach your highest maturity to ask the right question in order to get the right answer and try to understand the person.





"There are not more than 5 musical notes, yet the combinations of these 5 gives rise to more melodies than can ever be heard."



What is HOMELAND for you?

Couple of days back a very close and positive friend added me to a Meditation Group, a journey of 21 days to see a change in yourself.

On day 18, we had a task to write about our homeland where we were supposed to express our feelings towards it saying:

"As individuals, we look different from one another and have different lifestyle, beliefs and perceptions. However these differences exist only on the physical plane. At both the molecular and spiritual levels, we are all one, connected by the universal source. When we begin to fully understand this concept of living unity, we replace the idea of the personal self with that of the universal self. The nation of competition disappers and leaves in its wake only cooperation. This connection fosters deep love and compasion for everyone ad everything around us.

All answeres and feelings are  right. Write everything that you want."

We had 24hrs to finish the task. I read the task and slept 4hrs. When I woke up I read  a news that crushed my full feelings, I could not breath, Its broke my heart. The man who i charished, respected and had a huge warmfeeling toward him was assassinated.

"Homeland", a word that has different meaning for each single living creature. For many years I beleived every single Mother is the Homeland since we all are raised by her, finally and unconsciously wanting or not we will end up somehow more like her, some they curse thier genes and some they blame the education, now whatever the cause might be we will end up being from 1 to 100 a percentage like our mother. It is true that genes and family education play a lot in shaping our personality  but it is not accepted to blame those two elements for having a bad and not stable personality. We all are human and as a live creature we all grow and learn from surronding; now the surronding elements are almost same for everyone; family, friends, neighbor, books, TV, school and many otherthings but the most importan element is YOURSELF. If you are open for a positive life then once you are exposed to learning meaning of life you will re-teach and yourself and you will re-shape your personality therefore you can create a new person out of you. For me it took long time to understand myself but I did not give up. During the search for my  inner self I realized that Homeland for me is a kind of different mother where I feel warm, happy and possitive yet at the same time I share the cold, sad and negative vibes with her. Today was the day that I received one of the saddest news, my condolences to my Homeland where for each single flower that glooms martyrs are buried.  

RIP General Ghasem Soliemani.

My Homeland is where you are buried.



28 April 1937 a boy was born in South of TEKRIT without seeing his father who died because of illness three month before of his birth and now to be kept with his uncle due to his mother depression since she had lost her husband and another child and actually wanted to abort this current pregnancy!

He grow up in south of TEKRIT with those simple people where houses were built with mud and people living in poverty, water & electricity were not known, Child mortality is high, and its population has been working in agriculture, no schools in that particular district and if the people wanted to study they would go to TEKRIT.

When he was two years old, his grandfather passed away and his mother remarried with a guy who insisted that this boy has to remain a shepherd, planter and not to study at any cost and was seeing the best method of raising him is the intensity and cruelty until he becomes a man! That boy was selling watermelon in the train passing through TEKRIT on its way from MOSUL to BAGHDAD just to feed his family. No matter what was the relationship he had with his stepfather but he was in good terms with his stepbrothers.

Finally and officially he moved to BAGHDAD and lived with his uncle in SHAWISH village who was working in army as an officer and known as an enthusiastic Arab nationalist. Their relationship was very strong, he learned a lot from his uncle and his military companions and later he merged into political activity where he joined the opposition BAATH PARTY at that time and the boy received a deep hatred from his uncle to the kingdom that was ruling Iraq at that time and those supported by foreigners.

In 1955, he finished his primary school. His educational experience was not enjoyable since he was accompanying child ring of five years of age! he was embarrassed and ridiculed. He was quarreling with some of them. The jokes of those students left deep wounds to him. The only two people who were encouraging him for education were uncle and his cousin. You could describe most pictures of this young boy as follow: A SHARP-HAIRED BOY LOOKS LIKE HIS APPEARANCE SHOWS HE CAN TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF.


The young boy now was a young man who joined the army as an officer training at BAGHDAD military academy but at the same time he was active in his political rule as well but now strongly active and with ambitious goal which was seizure of power and for that he needed first to get rid of the current government so therefore assassination of the new Iraqi president! … While the plan was that and everyone was wondering where the boy was, units of the army that were calling themselves FREE OFFICERES break the palace and made sure every single individual is dead in that palace, The coup leaders were determined not to leave any trace of the Iraqi royal family or any nucleus in the future.


The young boy along with his group tried to assassin the head of FREE OFFICERES who was now PRIME MINISTER but it was not successful, he went to SYRIA and then to EGYPT. While being in EGYPT he studied LAW in CAIRO University and he got married with his cousin in 1962 but he did not continue due to his activities. In 1963 most of army units refused to supports BAATHISTS therefore they themselves attacked the PRIME MINISTER in the ministry of defense and finally PRIME MINSTER got forced to surrender! the coup leaders refused to allow him to be trial in public, after a short trial in front of the cameras on the air he was shot dead. We should mention here that during all these incidents our boy was still in EGYPT. Now the boy is no longer is the boy. The Man was prepared, almost everything was ready. He had his family, group and his men, plan and what he thinks he wants. He went back to his land. The new PRESIDENT did not stay long in his chair. In middle of one night Our Man and his group came surprisingly and before the PRESIDENT smell the betrayal, the bullet sound of joy and victory was heard all over BAGHDAD and he died in helicopter while leaving to meet his wife and finally The BAATH PARTY has seized power and OUR MAN became the PRIME MINISTER.


From 1966 to July 1979:

1. In-charge of security

2. In-charge of Management of the peasants

3. Treaty of cooperation and friendship of 15 years with the Soviet Union

4. National Oil Company (NOC), founded under the British administration

5. Education and health care, raising the standard of living in Iraq to the highest level in the Arab world (due to NOC)

6. He Focused on achieving stability in a country torn by severe conflicts in the presence of divisions and social, ideological and religious conflicts between Sunnis and Shiites and between Arabs and Kurds and others

7. He strengthened the Iraqi economy alongside the construction of a strong security apparatus to prevent coups and rebellion within and outside the BAATH PARTY

8. His biggest concern was Iraq’s oil

9. He established and managed the National Literacy Campaign and the Free Compulsory Education Campaign in Iraq

10. The government supported the families of the soldiers

11. In addition to providing free agricultural land to farmers

12. Free health care provided for all and they, they established one of the most modern health care systems in the Middle East That was why OUR MAN got awarded a prize from UNESCO


After July 1979:

A. Finally this PRESIDENT after long time was forced by OUR MAN to step down and thrown was all for him. OUR MAN now was THE PRESIDENT OF IRAQ officially imagine! After two weeks being in his position, he asked all his group members, friends and companions to join him in AL KHOLD HALL for a meeting. He pulled 68 names of his members saying that they have done a common plot in conspiracy against him but actually his plan was together with his stepbrother; CLEANSING THE BAATH PARTY! The persons arrested at the meeting were put for trial and convicted of Betrayal!

B. There was an agreement made between Iran and Iraq in Dec.1975 to settle their borders disputes and conflicts and at the same time to end the KURDISH REBELLION in Iraq. However OUR MAN in Sep.1980 abolished the treaty which led to the longest war between the two countries in the region in 20th century, it lasted 8 years and finally UN SECURITY COUNCIL REGULATION 619 ended the war and returned both parties to the agreement of 1975! He borrowed tens of billions of dollars from other Arab states and a few billions from elsewhere during the war to fight Iran, mainly to prevent the expansion of Shi'a radicalism.

C. In Mar.1988 The Kurdish town HALABJA was attacked with a mixed of mustard gas and nerve agents killing more than 5000 civilian and injuring more than 10000 people.

D. In Aug.1990 within two days he took all the land of KUWAIT and Iraqi occupation of KUWAIT continued for seven months.

After 1990:

1. If you remember we mentioned that he borrowed from other Arab countries to prevent the Shi’s radicalism during the war of Iran-Iraq so he created new enemies within his land.

2. When he attacked as well on HALABJA (In retaliation for their support for Iran) he created another enemy within his land and in Iran since Shah of Iran at that time stopped arming Kurdish people to defend themselves.

3. After attacking KUWAIT, the relationship between his country and US was tense. The Security Council has imposed a comprehensive economic embargo on Iraq and Iraqis have suffered from the harshest periods of life from a lack of basic foodstuffs and health supplies.

4. On another hand Turkmen citizens as well were having similar situation like Kurdish people, the number of those sentenced to death was thousands. They were deprived of the most basic rights of citizenship, including the right to national affiliation and displacement and forced for migration.

5. The United States launched the first missile attack since the end of the war targeting the Iraqi intelligence center in Baghdad on June 26, 1993.


THE MAN became the most wanted man and in Jul.2003 held in custody and after a long trial executed in 2006 along with another 11 senior BAATHIST leaders of his group.





Mohammad Al Faateh (Mohamed II) or as they call him Sultan Mohmed El Fatih in Turkish

The 7th Ottoman King who sat twice on Ottoman Empire; first from 1444 to 1446 and second time from 1451 to 1481 AD.

Although Sultan was a military person, he was well versed in speaking different languages. He could speak Ottoman Turkish, Serbian, Arabic, Greek, Latin, and Persian. Among the Ottoman kings, Mohamad II was more interested in knowledge, astronomy and theology than the other stuff.

He was interested in Persian poetry and literature. During his time, many poems were written to praise his conquests to imitate the Shaahnaameh in Farsi, and famous works of other languages were returned to Farsi.

As the history has mentioned he was having 5 wives and most probably 5 children (4sons and 1 daughter).

In 1481, Sultan with his army while marching in Maltepe he fall sick. He was beginning to start invade the southern Italy and Egypt but after some days he died. Contemporary historian Colin Haywood says there is evidence that Muhammad was poisoned, most likely by his son and his successor; Bayazid

The death of Mohamad has brought joy among the Christians and it is said that the bells of the churches were sounding like joy.

The most important event during his Kingdom was the War with the Crusaders.

In expanding his territory as Mohmed El Fatih began starter to advance in Conquering the world and other European lands the people of Walachia (Valahia) wanted to kill Muslems but they did not had enough armed forces to fight against the forces of Mohmed El Fatih so they made Peace Treaty with Ottoman Empire and as part of this Treaty Mohamed demanded the Ruler of Romania Vlad II Dracul to send his two sons:

1. Vlad III Dracul who was called Dracula (son of Dracul)

2. Radu III Dracul

to Constantinople so they can be thought Turkish, literature, Islamic, Quran and Persian so later they will be his representative in Romania but Radu converted to Islam and remained in Constantinople and it has been mentioned in history that he has been a close friend with Mehmed II the son of Murad II and anyway the rule of Ottoman Empire was clearly saying that a Muslem Ruler cannot rule Christians so Radu could not go back and rule his land as a ruler but instead they sent Vlad III Dracul to his birth country so they can control that land.

But Vlad decided not to follow the Sultan and when Sultan knew about his intention, he sent him a letter with his messengers saying he should pay the tribute. The messengers of course were wearing Islamic uniform with turbans in their heads and when they entered the hall to present the letter to Vlad he asked them to remove their turbans before entering his council and they said they will not remove their turbans for an atheist, he ordered one of his soldiers to bring a large nails and hammers and said to messengers “if you didn’t remove your turban now for me then you shall not remove them any more in your life” and ordered his soldiers to nail the turbans to their heads and of course that lead to their death. By this act of him, the war begin between the people of Walachia and Ottoman but since Dracula knew almost all tricks of Sultan so they were able to defeat the Muslems in some stages but what he did next made him to world as a devil.

He came with a spear and a large stick and made it sharp at the end and then entered it from the back through the bridge until it came out of the mouth. The soldiers were hanged all through their bodies and some even they were still alive and so on he did carried on with all soldiers. When the Islamic Ottoman forces came to check, they found along the road to the capital more than 20,000 Muslims impaled on the roadside.

Sultan decided to send Radu to fight against his brother Dracula and eventually in a battle that was In coordination with Muslims and Christians they cut his head and hang his head for two to three months in front of the Istanbul Gate to send a message to the world that: “Anyone who wants to be like Dracula, waged war against us”.

After invading the Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Moldavia, Black Sea Coast and Hungry the last and after 28 years it was the turn of Italy. He was almost 49 years old when the Ottoman troops invaded southern Italy in 1480 under the command of Ahmad Pasha and Otranto was captured but due to lack of supplies, Ahmad Pasha returned with his troops to Albania leaving 1300 of his people in Otranto and was supposed before winter he comes back to Otranto. People were scared that maybe they will end up having the same destiny of Romanian people! In 1481 Pope Sixtus IV called the crusader, French and Hungarian but The Republic of Venice refused to attend their meeting since they had already signed peace treaty with the Ottomans in 1479. The Crusaders' Corps fortified the city on May 1, 1481, and two days later the death of Sultan was announced. The Ottoman government negotiated with the Christian states and eventually agreed to sit back from Italy.

The Istanbul’s Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (completed 1988) which crosses the Bosporus Straits in named after him.


Iran and Iraq War Sep.1980

When some folks talk about country’s history and they actually do not have a clue about it, makes me feel sick they don’t even take a step to study a bit or to raise the level of their information. Couple of days back I read some tweets related to recent subject Iran and USA war that everyone is talking about and among those tweets there was a funny one let’s not who and from where that person said but he wrote like this

“Let’s not forget that how Iran lost his battle against Iraq in 3 days with shame!”

Believe me that the next that I’m writing and you will be reading it, is not because I’m Iranian and I’m deafening on my country, on the contrary I tell you bunch of idiot people who don’t read the history go open the book and read educate yourself and then open your mouth, when you talk about any county please read before a little bit and read from accurate source. -

My country fought 8 years against the regime of Saddam Hussaim which started in Sep. 1980.

The most strategically important military encountered in era which threatened the interest of almost all countries of the worlds without exception and directly affected the countries that had most oil reserved.

Let’s not forget that during whole time of war, Superpowers tried to avoid the victory of either of these two countries - leaving both deep and long wounds. - , it proved that the victory of either Iran or Iraq would bring about stability and balance of power in the region.

- At the beginning of the war: Iraq succeeded in occupying parts of Iran, including the city of Khorramshahr.

- In the second and third years of the war: Iran succeeded in releasing most of the occupied territories including Khorramshahr and from 1984 brought the war inside the land of Iraq.

- In the third and forth years of the war: Iraqi army used chemical weapons against Iraqi Kurds and Iranian peoples and military

- One of the two superpowers of that era since the 1980s, the Soviet Union had stopped the military supply of both countries, but became the main source of Iraq for the purchase of advanced weapons since 1982. In 1985, the United States also sold weapons to Iran in secret negotiations. The United States entered the conflict with Iran in the late war. On the other hand, Syria, North Korea and Libya also supported Iran with weapons and technology.

- Supporters:

1. Syria

2. Libya

3. North Korea

- Against:

1. France

2. U.S.A

3. The Soviet Union

4. Egypt

5. Jordan

6. Kuwait

7. Poland

8. Singapore

9. South Africa

10. Yugoslavia

11. Brazil

12. China

- Casualties and losses:

1. Iran: 123,220–160,000 KIA and 60,711 MIA (Iranian claim) 200,000–600,000 killed (other estimates) 800,000 killed (Iraqi claim) 320,000–500,000 WIA 40,000–42,875 POW 11,000–16,000 civilian dead Economic loss of US$627 billion

2. Iraq: 105,000–375,000 killed 250,000–500,000 (other estimates) 400,000 WIA 70,000 POW Economic loss of $561 billion

And finally after 8 years United Nations Security Council Resolution 598 Called for an immediate ceasefire between Iran and Iraq and the repatriation of prisoners of war and for both sides to withdraw to the international border. The resolution requested the Secretary-General to dispatch a team of observers to monitor the ceasefire while a permanent settlement was reached to end the conflict. It became effective on 8 August 1988, ending all combat operations between the two countries and the Iran-Iraq War. 29.05.2019



Here we are not talking about Jews, please don’t argue and misunderstood me, we are talking about Zionist who are stealing the right/land/home/dignity and life of Palestinians whom are not only Muslems; they are as well Jews and Christians and they are no different than Nazism.

The Science of Being Scared

It may feel like there's something supernatural at work when the hair on your neck stands up and goose bumps cover your body, but researchers say it's actually quite the opposite. Our response to fear goes back centuries and centuries to when our ancestors had to fend for themselves in the wild against predators and other threats.

What happens is something experts call the "fight-or-flight response," in which strong emotions trigger a physical reaction in your nervous system. The phenomenon was first described in 1915 by Walter B. Cannon, MD, chairman of the department of physiology at Harvard Medical School in Boston. Dr. Cannon theorized that perceived dangers activate an animal's stress response, which may include an accelerated heartbeat, dilated pupils, and piloerection — the scientific name for the sensation of your hair standing on end.

Modern scientists say that Cannon's explanation was a little too simplistic, but he was definitely onto something. Fear stimulates your brain and triggers a release of adrenaline and other stress hormones throughout your body. This so-called adrenaline rush is what causes your heart to race and your palms to sweat. It's also responsible for goose bumps, which are what make your hair stand on end.

Goose bumps are the result of a reflex that makes the muscles attached to the base of each hair follicle contract. "Each contracting muscle creates a shallow depression on the skin surface, which causes the surrounding area to protrude," explains George A. Bubenik, MD, a physiologist and professor of zoology at the University of Guelph in Ontario, in an article for Scientific American. These contractions force the hair up.


An Evolutionary Quirk


It turns out that this mechanism actually serves some biological purpose. One is for warmth: In wintery climates, piloerection expands the amount of air between a creature's flesh and the cold, offering a thicker layer of insulation. You can't see their skin because of the fur, but if you could, it would look a lot like human skin does whenever there's a chill (e.g., covered in goose bumps).

Another, Dr. Bubenik says, is protection against potential predators. "The hair will stand up in many animals when they feel threatened — in a cat being attacked by a dog, for example," he writes. "The elevated hair, together with the arched back and the sideward position the animal often assumes, makes the cat appear bigger in an attempt to make the dog back off."

Another example of this is in porcupines. At rest, a porcupine's quills lay almost flat against its body, but when the animal's defense mechanism kicks in, the spines stick straight out. This response is useless for humans — we don't have enough hair on our arms and legs to suddenly make us appear larger, and we're also not likely to be in many situations where such a reaction is necessary — but it's one of the many things we inherited from our ancestors.


What Goose Bumps Say About Your Personality


It's not just fear that triggers goose bumps, though. Research shows that piloerection can also be brought on by a number of other strong emotions — such as awe or excitement — or even just by listening to music.

"People tend to experience goose bumps during emotional situations, such as walking down the aisle during their wedding, standing on a podium and listening to a national anthem after winning in sports, or even just watching horro movies on television," Bubenik writes. "Quite often a person may get goose bumps many years after a significant event, just by thinking about the emotions she once experienced, perhaps while listening to the romantic song to which she danced many years ago with the love of her life."

Scientists at the University of North Carolina have actually studied this phenomenon. In a report published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science, researchers examined the relationship between music-induced goose bumps and personality types. They postulated that beautiful music stimulates your brain's hypothalamus, which controls primal drives such as hunger, rage, and sexual arousal. They found that people who experienced the most "chills" also had the most "open" personalities — they were receptive to new experiences, creative, curious, and had active imaginations.


Remember that the next time you get goose bumps. It might make you feel better while you're hiding under your covers waiting for the ghost to leave.

Cost of Education in U.A.E


Federal Law No. 3 of 2016

Issued on 08/03/2016

Corresponding to 28 Jumada Al-Awwal 1437 H.


Chapter 7

Educational Rights

Article 31


"Every child shall have the right to education and the State shall work on achieving equal opportunities for every child according to the Laws in force."



The minimum wage workers earn far less than they need to make ends meet and it does not help parents to send their children for complete education.

U.A.E Ministry of education should be stricter on school when raising their fees specially schools that are registered under KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). Almost 88% of the U.A.E populations are non-local therefore their children will be sent to private schools, but as we notice; private schools are way expensive and salary of one and/or two working parents is barely enough to provide a good life, shelter, food, health and education.

There was a time that evening classes were held for children from low-income families but even the evening classes were/are not safe. Imagine a 10 year old girl sitting next to a 17 year old in one class! Do you think this is correct?


Education regulatory board must find another solution for child’s education. With all respect to schools scoring high ratings such as good, very good or outstanding, it is true that the foundation is very important but your KG certificate is equivalent to a PhD degree! Where is the fairness in that?




P.S:  “every child shall have the right to education"; that is a wonderful thing but education is expensive here and parents are suffering to send their children for a better or/and further education. The minimum wage should be revised, please consider that as well.

Do you believe in Karma?


For many years, people have showed their trust in an accident that is caused by a negative deed and they have called it “Karma”.

In Holy books as well when we study, the word Karma has been mentioned in a way or another.

Hebrews 9:27, “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” 

Romans 8:22 ESV, “For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now” 

Quran 40:30, “And he who believed said, ‘O my people, indeed I fear for you [a fate] like the day of the companies “

Even those who call themselves Godless/ a non-believer, they still believe that there is a reaction for any action! So almost everyone believes that the way we live has an effect, it may vary between each person that idea, but in general it does exist.

Karma is seen as a natural law like gravity. We do suffer the consequences of our actions in this life if not in next one! God has created this universe and all of us. Each of us has a mission to serve Him in a certain way and when we fail to perform that mission with His standards, we suffer the consequences. A simple example of Karma is when Person A says kind words to Person B, Person B feels peaceful and happy and when Person A says harsh words, Person B will be sad and upset.

Teaching this concept in an early age is important, since children are like a clean white sheet and by watching and hearing others they color their sheets.

Therefore it will be great if we help them to keep their sheet colorful but negative/black-less..

٢٢ بهمن

زندگى يعنى با تمام وجود به وطنت عشق بورزى . روزت مبارک باد ايران زيباى من

Human Zoo


Recently I was talking with a friend (University Professor; Political Science Phd.) and for the first time I knew that actually a Human Zoo existed in our planet, I was really shocked. Not that existed but still there are some not closed - totally - till this date.

The western civilizations believe that (Table of Opposites c.5th century BCE) that there are some things normal and the other things opposite of those stuff are abnormal!

Such as:

Finite               : Infinite

Odd                 : Even

One                  : Many

Right                : Left

Rest                 : Motion

Straight            : Crooked

Light                : Darkness

Good               : Evil

Square             : Oblong

Male                : Female


They believe that all those on left side are normal all what are mentioned on the right side are abnormal. They believe whatever and whoever is not europena or western is abnormal. Their idea of stydying an object is a kind of funny way, they actually keep the object under their telescope and then they wrtie their ideas and theories about the object and the income of that is called “STUDY”.

In late 1800’s, German museums attempted to study human culture. The original idea was announced by Carl Hagenbeck. Carl was an animal businessman. Since the cost of keeping animals was high, he had some financial issues so he began looking for ways to keep his business. One of his friends (Heinnich Leutemann) suggested bringing people along with animals from foreign lands to accompany the animals. Setting up traditional houses, bringing different people from different regions and cultures was successful to that extend that people from all around the world were coming to watch the show.

Imagine how much human can be greedy, selfish and monster to create such idea and then to carry on torturing and humiliating other for their own benefits?!

This monstrous idea started in Germany but soon other countries adopted the same such as France, Spain, U.K, Italy, Belgium and U.S.

Later the idea kept hidden under “studying human culture” and was called Ethnological Studies; Hegemonic system.

A very inhuman and brutal thing to do, how you dare to think that you are better than any other person. We all are created by One Creator, if you think that you are better than me then you are accusing The Creator for not being Just which is a sin then you are not a believer.

So people were caged for ages, they were caged as family and some even as a full village and when they were getting old they could not fit in their picture (the original idea) so they were kept aside for more studies. These people were not allowed to communicate with English people. This sick idea was planted in little children as well since the white man they were bringing their families and children to watch people who they believed they are entertainment for them. So you see the racism and hatred was toughed from a very young age.


Do make yourself free and click on the below link and please listen to Professor Susan M. Williams (Associate Professor of European History, Gender Studies Coordinator);


The story of Human Zoo:



Anyway, these exhibitions were highly admired by white people. The concept of the Human Zoo has not completely diapered. It is interesting to know that the first world leader to officially ban the Human Zoos were Nazis under Adolf Hitler, yes Hitler. I do not agree what other stuff he has done but I appreciate him million times for this human act.


Next time when you visit France, please do check the Human Zoo that still is there.





The View of an Iranian Citizen on her Country:  ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN


When you become a Political analyst for an issues of affairs of a country or a region means you need to analyze in order to get a right solution for the current situation but what we see with 95% of Political analyst they analyze a country or a region based on their passion and what their interest is behind it.


Recently I was watching FULL COMMITTEE HEARING about The View from Congress: U.S. Policy on Iran (Witnesses: Michael Singh and Martin S. Indyk).


First of all; IRAN is pronounced as EEraan not as they say; I-ran so when you are not able to pronounce a word in its correct way, please do seek a help and ask someone who can help you.

I have noticed the same issue with Arabic names and some national worlds of a nation pronounced by other nationalities in a very very wrong way to an extent that the original word and/or its true meaning gets lost such as the word Makkah/Maccah why should be pronounced or written Mecca ?! Or the word Mohammad why should be pronounced or written Muhammed?! and many other words. How does it feel when non-English people write Michael as Mykel?


Back to the issue; there were many points presented to above subject by the two witnesses and discussed by others, below are some of the point which caught my attention;


v  Indyk said: Iran has gone a long way to achieving its regional ambitions!

-   It is the right of any country to have ambition and stay ambitious, arent you doing the same?


v  Indyk said: Iranians are very aggressive?!

-   Name me a situation that it really proofs your word


v  Paul said: Who pushed whom? Who provoked whom first?

-   I guess we all know the answer; history is witnessing it very clearly.


v  Paul said: Iran sees things regionally

-   Finally, at least one person made a wise and professional statement


v  Indyk said:  Iran has a very strict policy!

-   Every foreign policy needs to be strict and dangerous; otherwise every single foreigner can interfere easily.


v  Indyk pointed out: Political solution?!!

-   Why you think that the solution should come from you?! If a conflict rises in a family, should another family interfere without being asked to aggravate the current differences more?! Dont you believe that the family members should put their effort to resolve their issue? And even if they are not able to do so, dont you think they need to ask someone that they believe will be a better judge and chosen by them should be a help?


v  Singh said: Taalebaan, Hamaas,  Islamic Jehaad  are being supported by Iran 

-   The funny part is that U.S was the one who invented and had a part in creating these groups, at least when you create a problem tell your candidates not to go public and share your secrets!


v  Menendez said: why does Iran needs to be engaged with Hezbollah?

-   Iran is the only Muslem country that 90% of them are Shia sect and other Muslem countries where they have very very less population of Shia sect since they do not have the right protection from their country them Iran has to reach its hand to support them. If you have a sibling and she/he does not agree with your fathers rules, tell me; do you cut off your tie with her/him or you still support her/him?


v  Indyk said: the Iranians may have been responsible for the deaths of as many as 500 American soldiers in Iraq during the Surge and he continued: Iran's destabilizing regional activities and its sponsorship of terrorism!

-   Do not judge on assuming things or creating stories from your side. Your Martyrs are counted but not others? What about Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany and many other countries? How many innocent people have you killed so far? By sending your soldiers and forcefully occupying land of others pretending of their protection covering your true intention! You have military base and military station in the 151 UN member countries. You also have small and large bases in South Korea 78, in Germany 270, in Italy 83, in Japan 124, in Turkey, Hungary,  Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina,  Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, you use the bases of these countries. Basically you have colonized these countries!


v  Indyk said: Iranian nuclear threat!

-   Iranian Nuclear is a threat yet nuclear of other countries – let’s not name them – that are sharing same interest with you; is not a threat?! It is really funny. Iranian if they want to make a threat for anyone they do not require a nuclear. Open your eyes and investigate before you talk; nuclear is method for an improvement to my country and his neighbor countries which no one supports them specially U.N. (United Nation’s job is to respect and provide support to human’s right). If you believe youre the big protector of human right then change your name to U.N.


v  Imposing new sanctions on Iran

-   Wake up, your senseless and meaningless sanctions makes them more strong and resistible to all upcoming matters. You have kept them under the sanction since long time but see where they have reached and where you are?! You are living under the fear and they are living raising their heads up because they have faith in their Creator.



A country that is built on innocence blood and by killing the native people of that land and claiming its ownership of that land; can’t be recognized therefore can’t accept its policies nor keeping them in “to do” agenda!

If you think that the world has given the full right to you to be the only God on the earth and to control others by your wish, you are completely wrong, you are delusioning. You have in a way or another kept your puppets in countries where you have interests and those countries for their mutual interest have accepted your terms but it does not mean that you can own everyone and everywhere, believe and accept that still there are people and nations can’t be bought by any means.  





If knowledge is important then books should not be expensive.


It is very funny.

I was searching for some non-fiction books in one of bookstores (let’s not forget I’m in Dubai) and the price of some ridiculous books were too high; beyond anyone’s imagination and then price of books that worldwide are recognized as  best books or have a huge influence on people’s life were very very cheap!

First of all books should not be expensive. They should an affordable price that everyone from all the level of society can purchase because not all books are available free online.

Second if book prices are going to be leveled then it should be according to their influence and then we need to check as well the writing style, author’s knowledge and most importantly, the positive effect of that book on reader's life.

With respect to all writers but why a book that is teaching us How to Behave in Society should be cheaper than a book that is telling us How To Put Make-up?!.


P.S: Picture was taken during my trip last year in Georgia (Sep.2017).

Reading List for 2018:  30 Non-Fiction Books to change and improve my view of life.


2017 is about to say goodbye to all of us like her other beautiful sisters years.

Lots done and lots still not yet completed.

But one good news is I completed my “2017 READING CHALLENGE“. Yes I finished my 200 book; finally.


My next year goal is to read:

30 Non-Fiction Books based on reality issues to change and improve my view of life.

And below is the list of some books in my mind:

1.    Etched in Sand: A True Story of Five Siblings Who Survived an Unspeakable Childhood on Long Island  - by Regina Calcaterra

2.    The Diary of Lady Murasaki  - by Murasaki Shikibu

3.    Speak to Us of Love: Reflections on Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet  - by Osho

4.    College Girl: A Memoir - by Laura Gray-Rosendale 

5.    A Bushel's Worth: An Ecobiography - by Kayann Short 

6.    The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - by Robin S. Sharma

7.    The Fire Next Time - by James Baldwin

8.    Stoner - by John Williams

9.    Black Like Me - by John Howard Griffin

10.  Nobody Knows My Name - by James Baldwin

11.  Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action - by Nick Vujicic

12.  Why We Can't Wait - by Martin Luther King Jr.,

13.  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - by Maya Angelou



The list is lacking of some books!



Any of your choice great books you want to recommend?!


Nativity of Jesus Christ


"The angels said, Mary, God gives you glad-tidings of a Word from Him whose name is Christ, Jesus, son of Mary; highly honored in this world and the next" Quran 3:45
`Ali b. Abi Talib (A.S.) said: "If you desire I will tell you about Jesus the son of Mary. He used a stone for his pillow, put on coarse clothes and ate rough food. His condiment was hunger. His lamp at night was the moon. His shade during the winter was just the expanse of earth eastward and westward. His fruits and flowers were only what grows from the earth for the cattle. He had no wife to allure him, nor any son to give grief, nor wealth to deviate [his attention], nor greed to disgrace him. His two feet were his conveyance and his two hands his servant." (Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 160)

A very happy and peaceful Christmas to all. May Christ's universal message of peace be embraced in the coming year.

Khan Baba; The Taxi Driver


Have you ever enjoyed a conversation with a stranger and wished that he could talk more and more and more?!



Last night; after long hours of shopping with my siblings with ride a taxi heading home. While sitting in the car our youngest sister said these days U.A.E people are not like before so I asked her why you say that?! She said the first question that they ask you is where are you from and what is your religion? I looked at her and answered well if the person is raised properly no matter of their culture or religion they should be wised enough not to ask those questions specially related to a religion and from a person who they have met for the first time and secondly no one should forget their origin because no matter what you do, where you reach; you can’t change the blood in your vein. She laughed. My other sister who is always careful of her talks and thoughts said leave the subject and I said well we are not saying anything bad. While engaged in our conversation, Mr. Khan our taxi driver who was listening to our conversation and seemed to understand our language shared very interesting information which made us dazzled. I was amazed by the huge amount of knowledge that he had and at the same time felt very depressed to hear his very sad story and disappointment that was caused through the time.

He said;

My father wrote his first letter in 1957 to us stating that he is in Dubai where they do not have still mineral water. My father left us and came to Dubai to find a job and be able to support us. He came back to Pakistan after three years and this time he took us all back with him to Dubai.

I interrupted him saying; and from that time you have been here?

He answered;

Yes my daughter. We stayed for couple of years and then some of my family members went back to Pakistan but me and my eldest brother stayed here, you know that time these big people were not like now, you could see them anywhere you go because Dubai was not like now, no mall, not too many shops, most of them where in Deira side. Al Futtain, Al Ghurair, Galadari and lots of them you easily see and chitchat: chetori? Khoobi? Na, na in kheili geroone, they bargain with you on the price while talking Irani and now when you smile and say “chetori” they look at you madly and say “ I am Emarati”.

I felt bad for hearing the cheerless tone in his voice.

He continued saying:

When Sheikh. Zayed was alive at least we had a decent living but now, you know my daughter our salary has been reduced to 3000/-AED and we work 12 hours without break and 12 hours off and again back to work, we don’t have off, no leave.

For a minuet there was a silence.

I asked him; Baba why you didn’t apply to get local passport?

Then he continued;

They say I’m not eligible but Allah Kareem. We don’t need them, the only thing I ask to respect our effort.


We reached to our destination and I was wishing not so I couple be able to listen to him more. He sounded so lonely and in a huge need of a listener. 

You Are What You Read


Picking up a non-fiction book as a hobby through reading isn’t what normal people do yet it is completely describes some. We’ve all heard the stories about how many of the people we admire attribute much of their success to their thirst for knowledge and their love of books. Even in our own lives, we’ve all had experiences that hit home the impact of reading:

A favorite childhood story, inspiring writer; oh that novel.

For me it was oh that reader. I recall when I was almost 4 years old, my father was reading for me and my little brother stories from One Thousand and One nights, a book that up to this day is an inspiration for me. I grew up with stories and books all around and eventually writing a short summary of the day, or a book that was read by me or him, was a very usual job to do for us since my father checking our homeworks first when he arrives from work.


Language is our primary tool of communication. It is how we build and organize our knowledge and it is what allows us to interact with each other. When we grasp information from our surroundings, they shape a model in our mind about how the world works and the best way to interact with it. Communication can be; verbal conversation, listening, or a result of what we consume. The information that we put in our mind informs our thinking patterns and automatically influences our output in the form of the decision we make or the work we do or the interaction that we have. The correlation between how much we read and what we can do begins to even off after a certain period therefore the quality of our predominant sources of input should be strong,  


As we mentioned communication can be a result of what we consume so when we are spending time reading some feeds in Instagram or twitter or any other social medias, we are reading. Naturally even we are when we think we are not reading, still we are reading because we are reviewing our memories which is our knowledge! Consequently to enhance the quality of our knowledge it will be better to reduce aimless browsing, pointless news and social media feeds. Instead add some classic, fiction, poem of non-fiction and learn how to think deeply. 

The World has become A Circus.


Today morning when I reached office, I saw a magazine on one of my colleague’s table. While turning the pages, if not for the 3-4 pages where mentioned some getaways destinations I would boldly change the name of magazine to “Marketing Celebrities”. 


Most of magazines and newspapers nowadays are doing the same. We cannot find valuable papers of magazine where you read an article and can appreciate printing office! At least I can’t fine.


Celebrities do not need newspapers of magazines to market them, if they are talented and deserve to be appreciated then Radio and Television are enough source to do so, newspapers and magazines are meant to give another different yet valuable informations to world.


Why do not reporters go and do their research with a normal people? Why no one knows about a young girl who was raised in a very ordinary family and now is a source of proud for her family. Why no one talks about those children that became doctors, engineers and/or occupying best positions in the world while their parents were poor and not educated?! Why a full time mother or a house wife is not nominated as the best leading women for their excellent performance in their area of job?!


Why we have always wrong news?!

أربعين امام حسين عليه سلام  - ثورة مشي : حسين فيصل

Arbaeen-e Hussaini.
The day of Arbaeen marks the forty days after the day of Ashura; the day Hussain Ebn Ali was martyred in the Battle of Karbala. Hussain Ebn Ali is the third Shia Imam and became a revolutionary leader by sacrificing his life for justice. The Arabic word “Arbaeen” means’ Forty. The traditional period of mourning in Islam is forty days. On Arbaeen of Imam Hussain, millions of people around the world mark this day by mourning the tragedy that befell Hussain Ebn Ali and his family and his companions. On Arbaeen day, the head of Imam Hussain and his companions were returned back to their bodies and buried in land of Karbala.
Sayyeda Zainab said:
" "You may utilize your treachery, traps and disloyalty (with Islam). However, I swear in Allah that you shall never be able to erase our memories or wipeout our inspiration. You shall never reach our limits and forever with shame you will be branded…" "
Arbaeen-e Hussain (The forty of Hussain) is not only a gathering for mourning; it is the largest annual peaceful assembly for the lovers of peace, worship, dignity and freedom to spread the message of their leader.

" حب الحسین " | حسن کاتب کربلایی

عظم الله أجر كل مسلم ... يروى عن رسول الله صل الله عليه و آله : حسين مني و أنا من حسين
10th Muharram 1439

خیلی دعا کردم نشد - علي عبدالمالكي

New Islamic year 1439

Muharram 1439/2017


The first month of Islamic calendar is called Muharram. It is one of the 4 sacred months of the year; Muharram, Rajab, Dhul Qa’dah and Dhul Hajjah which are mentioned in Quran. The word Muharram means “forbidden”, Moslems are forbidden to wage war, violence and some certain stuff in those months.

The 10th day of Muharram is called Ashura, these first ten days are sacred for Shia scholar due to their respect for martyred of Hussain Ebn Ali and his family and companions; the grandson of Prophet Mohammad and Imam Ali who was martyred in Battle of Karbala, The surviving members of Imam Hussein's family and those of his followers were taken captive, marched to Damascus, and imprisoned there.



It's a New Islamic Year (1439): May you all have upcoming good days, May Allah grant whatever wish you have for a better and healthier life.


آهنگ بیست هزار آرزو محسن چاوشی - BIST HEZAAR AREZOOO / MOHSEN CHAWOSHI

ای همه خوبی تو را پس تو که رایی که را ای گل در باغ ما پس تو کجایی کجا
سوسن با صد زبان از تو نشانم نداد گفت رو از من مجو غیر دعا و ثنا
سرو اگر سر کشید در قد تو کی رسید نرگس اگر چشم داشت هیچ ندید او تو را
هر طرفی صف زده مردمو دیو و دده لیک در این میکده پای ندارند پا
از کرمت من به ناز مینگرم در بقا کی بفریبد شها دولتِ فانی مرا
بیست هزار آرزو بود مرا پیش از این در هوس خود نماند هیچ امانی مرا
ای که به هنگام درد راحت جانی مرا وی که به تلخی فقر گنج روانی مرا
سجده کنم من به جان روی نهم من به خاک گویم از اینها همه عشق فلانی مرا
تکست آهنگ بیست هزار آرزو محسن چاوشی
هر نفس آواز عشق میرسد از چپ و راست ما به فلک میرویم عزم تماشا که راست
ما به فلک بوده‌ ایم یار ملک بوده‌ ایم باز همان جا رویم جمله که آن شهر ماست
گوهر پاک از کجا عالم خاک از کجا بر چه فرود آمدیت بار کنید این چه جاست
بختِ جوان یار ما دادن جان کار ما قافله سالار ما فخر جهان مصطفاست
از کرمت من به ناز مینگرم در بقا کی بفریبد شها دولتِ فانی مرا
بیست هزار آرزو بود مرا پیش از این در هوس خود نماند هیچ امانی مرا
ای که به هنگام درد راحت جانی مرا وی که به تلخی فقر گنج روانی مرا
سجده کنم من به جان روی نهم من به خاک گویم از اینها همه عشق فلانی مرا

يكشنبه ى زيبا -  Beautiful Sunday




در من کوچه ايست

که باتو در آن نگشته ام

سفري ست

که باتو

هنوز نرفته ام

روزها و شب هايي ست
که با تو به سر نکرده ام

و عاشقانه هاييست 
که باتو
نگفته ام

When you miss your origional land: IRAN.

Music: Gisoo by Freidoon Aserayii

Good friends are rare to find these days.


I don't like to give up on people when they need someone not to give up on them.
Though the world has grown and people seem wise, educated and friendly but finding a good friend in our days is hard and to maintain the friendship is another hard work. Salute to all people who are in my friendship circle who I respect, care and love them. Thank you for being part of my world.

What was your plan when you were at the age of 25?



I absolutely don’t remember what my plan was but I’m pretty sure that I have not reached to what was planned!! That is an awkward answer isn’t? If I don’t even remember what was my plan then how I’m sure that it did not work? Well it’s just because I’m still planning hahahahahaha

In middle school I was dreaming to be a translator; Farsi – Latin – Swahili and of course English and Arabic and Hindi as these are a common languages that we learn as we grow. Then in high school my dream changed 360º, I loved everything related to medical, well maybe it was because I constantly was seeing my Dad hospitalized. After finishing the high school life was tough and there was no time to dream, I started to work immediately and I just got the time to study last couple of years and not even related to any of my dreams!

We dream, we plan and then the life shows us something different, it might not be what we requested but it may change us. And it may change us for better if we learn to stay Pure. Purity is a freedom from adulteration and contamination. 

Nobody is more dangerous than he who imagines himself pure in heart; for his purity, by definition, is unassailable.



cheer up it's weekend


Mehr’e Iran (Iran’s affection) by Salar Aghili

One of best and favorite singers of mine is Mr Salar Aghili from my country; Iran. A classical and Persian traditional singer and is the singer of Iran's National Orchestra as well. I have listened to almost all of his music and songs and the following is one of the best ones:

این سرزمین گنجینه ای در خویش دارد
This land contains a treasure inside it
با عشق راهِ روشنی در پیش دارد
has a clear path with love
فردایِ روشن سهم ما از مهربانیست
The bright future is our share of kindness
مِهر الهی لحظه ای از ما جدا نیست
The divine affection is not separated from us
ما مِهر ایران را درون سینه داریم
We have the affection of Iran inside our chest
با مهربانی اُلفتی دیرینه داریم
We have sympathy with kindness for a long time
تا مهر ایران در دل ما جاودانه است
Till the affection of Iran is eternal in our hearts
آینده ی این سرزمین هم عاشقانه است
The future of this land is also passionate
تا مهر ایران ، در ریشه ی ماست
Till the affection of Iran is in our root
آرامش این سرزمین اندیشه ی ماست
This land’s peace is our belief
تا مهر ایران ، در ریشه یِ ماست
Till the affection of Iran is in our root
آرامش این سرزمین اندیشه ی ماست
This land’s peace is our belief
ما وارثِ پاکی سفیر عشق هستیم
We are the heirs of the purity of the love ambassador
ما جلوه های بی نظیرِ عشق هستیم
We are the unique love effects
با رویش باور گلستان جهانیم
With growing our believe, we are world’s garden
گویی پُلی بین زمین و آسمانیم
Seems like we are a bridge between earth and sky
تا مهر ایران ، در ریشه یِ ماست
Till the affection of Iran is in our root
آرامش این سرزمین اندیشه ی ماست
This land’s peace is our belief

Charlotte Eriksson: Sunday Morning




“I am not a Sunday morning inside four walls
with clean blood
and organized drawers.
I am the hurricane setting fire to the forests
at night when no one else is alive
or awake
however you choose to see it
and I live in my own flames
sometimes burning too bright and too wild
to make things last
or handle
myself or anyone else
and so I run.
run run run
far and wide
until my bones ache and lungs split
and it feels good.
Hear that people? It feels good
because I am the slave and ruler of my own body
and I wish to do with it exactly as I please” 

Morning is important part of the day.

“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” ... 29.07.2017

Keep negative people away from you.



"Olivia was moody. Moody wasn't a word with which she was very familiar, but if it meant that her moods swung back and forth for no reason at all, and that she felt crabby and wanted to be alone more often than she felt content and friendly, and that she was often tempted to slam her bedroom door - preferably in someone's face - well, then, moody described perfectly the way she'd been feeling lately.” 






That moody  describes my mood today, but unfortunately vice versa of Olivia; I have a reason!

some people I believe that no matter how good you be there is no light of goodness in then, they are filled by dark and no chance to change.

I have decided to creat a box in the corner of my mind and imprison all those stupid and negative people in that box of mine.


My apology for my bad mood and bad words. 




Happy Weekend

06.July.2017 ... This is one of old and cultural music of Iran specifically from south of Iran called: Saaze Banadri Nei-anbon – Played by Sahanbezadeh Ensemble .

What would you say your roots are?


Today a friend on Instagram was asking:

What would you say your roots are? What makes you You?


Root – Definition of Root in English / Oxford Dictionaries:

The part of a plant which attaches it to the ground or to a support, typically underground, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches and fibres.

‘cacti have deep and spreading roots’

‘a tree root’


So that means the tree with whatever the shape, color, size and benefits has together with the place that it is existing!

Ok, now if we take this tree from one place to another place, what will happen?!

Of course every area has its own weather condition, different taste of water, special    and other elements which might be primary or/and minor but still do affect the tree but the new tree finally will adjust will all the new elements and will be a new and different tree, but should be accept it as a new discovered tree or as a different and developed tree?!


The same is with human. People for many reasons change their place; they migrate, they search for a new job, a different life style, education, marriage and lots of other stuff will move from a place to another and when they do that they apparently normally change; habit, culture, language, accent, skin color and lots of things that you might not figure but what remains same and will not change is your blood.


Anyways let’s make all these short, my answer was:


If we talk about the medical side of our roots then we need to go for DNA test to reveal our own connection to the past! But if we are going to talk about non-medical side of our roots then your language, culture, color, hair, face and body features, even your toe shape – maybe it’s funny but it is true – and all those fundamental and essential part of you are your root/are you.

P.S: I made my own stamp.


There are many people, particularly in sports, who think that success and excellence are the same thing. They are not the same thing. Excellence is something that is lasting and dependable and largely within a person's control. In contrast, success is perishable and is often outside our control. If you strive for excellence, you will probably be successful eventually. People who put excellence in the first place have the patience to end up with success. An additional burden for the victim of the success mentality is that he is threatened by the success of others and he resents real excellence. In contrast, the person that is fascinated by quality is excited when he sees it in others.

Be Beautiful, Be You. Be Beautiful because Beauty is You 🌹


Being beautiful does not mean to look in the mirror while you have dozen layers of makeup, red lipstick, false eyelashes, long-volume extension


What has happened to people's moral?!
I mean when we look around us, all what we see is sign of education, so I guess more than a percentage of what we guess are educated but why still people are Ignorant and ignorant and ignorant?! Is there any wrong with the present education or people's mind?! It is totally normal to be you and not to be what people want you to be.
It is totally normal to think what you want and not to think what people want you to think.
It is totally normal to set your goal and not to chase what others want you to achieve.

You are an individual and you are unique as you are; 
No matter of your eye color,
No matter of your skin complexion,
No matter of your hair type,
No matter of your region or religion,

We are human and we are not perfect. As we grow, our mind grows, our thought changes and we find out that our desire turns to dreams. 
Perfection is not our quality.
God is only perfect, and this attribute only belongs to Him, but since his soul is blown in us, we want to reach perfection.

Beautiful means when you are happy, when you are chasing your dream, when you are planning for your tomorrow, when you are respecting others but you are accepting your own decision, when you are trying to shape YOURSELF, when you are developing YOURSELF, when you are BEING YOURSELF.


Sometimes A short break is what all you need.


Thank you Allah for being always with me.


Thank you MAGRUDY for sending my books safely.




“Looking at beauty in the world is the first step of purifying the mind.” 
Amit Ray

Meditation Insights and Inspirations



Sometimes A short break is what all you need.

The last month was a bit crazy. The weather with all that heat and humidity – and still more to come -, unwise working hours, preparing to move to a new house and plus fasting; I was like potato; a food but can’t eat and beautiful yet without brain!

I promised myself no matter of the circumstances I will stay positive and so far I have been very positive so no criticisms, no complaints and no negativity.

Today is the first day work after my short leave. I have a habit before going to sleep I talk to God and a kind of beg Him to support me to have a beautiful, positive and calm day and when I wake up I tell Him “Don’t forget your promise”

I came and He made me happy, actually I was super happy. Seeing all those books on my table I just forgot its Saturday; the toxic day.



Eid Al Fitr 2017

Happy Eid - 25.July.2047

I smell the happiness.


Everywhere seems more beautiful. Everyone seems happier. Everything seems more alluring.


It is Eid.


It is feast of breaking Fast. It is one of important religious holidays celebrated by Muslems by the end of Ramadhan. First day Eid Al Fitr is the first day in the month of Shawwal which Muslem are not permitted to fast. The celebration of this great and holy day starts with a particular Salat (praye) where they literally repeat the praise “God is great” (Takbir) and then you hear the common greetings everywhere; Blesses Eid or Happy Eid. Children are the luckiest creature on this day. They collect dozens of Eid bonuses (Eidia), yes yes they collect money. All are dressed well, new and clean but what I love more is the aroma scent that is every single corner, it makes me comfortable and pleased and what makes me double happy is seeing people even by force yet keeping all grudge and bitterness a side at least for that particular day. Muslems are encouraged to forgive and forget any differences with others especially among family members on this day, so be sure those that they don’t follow such a law; they are not a true believer and Muslem.



“Let them pardon and overlook. Would you not love for Allah to forgive you? Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

Surah An-Nur 24:22



Say Eid Mubarak to your Muslem family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors.


Happy Eid. 

Whom we should call native of a nation?

17.June.2017 Saturday


A person born in a spesified place or associated with a aplace by birth, wherher subsequently resident there or not. 



Native place:

the town or city or area that a person is from, especially the one in which they were born and lived while young. Native people, aboriginal peoples, first people and also known as indigenous people are ethnic groups who are descended from and identify with the original inhabitants of a given region, in contrast to groups that have settled or colonized the area more recently. These groups maintain their traditions of their early culture that is associated with a given region.



Most of us have an attachment to a place, that place we call it HOME.  That HOME can be the house, family or friends, city, the village or the place where we grew up in or living in today. Home is the place where we belong, feel comfortable and secure, where we work and try to achieve, where we grow and build ourselves, where we dream, hope and believe, where we are standing now.



100% of us did not choose the place where we were born and a huge percent of us (certainly more than 50%) did not choose the place where we are currently living. The majority of our parents or their parents made a single most important decision where to settle and establish their future and family for many reasons: searching for peace, a new beginning, better opportunity or/and just a change; something that maybe they were not able to find in their home country.


Abraham Lincoln said: The best way to predict your future is to create it.


I’m Iranian and was born in United Arab Emirates. My father when he was 17 years old made a decision and left his country so as a young boy to discover other places and stand on his feet. He came to Trucial States in 1968. During that time Dubai was a trading hub and the rest of area was a land of desert. He went to Qatar and remained for couple of years there. In 197 He came back to Trucial Sates which was called at that time; United Arab Emirates. He started to work as Assistant Pharmacist and later on as a Police officer and he met his love of life; my mother. My mother was born and raised here as well. Her parents settled on this land before 1960s. They got married, established their new life and I and my siblings came along. They witnessed all the developments; buildings, houses, malls, streets and businesses and honestly speaking we wish more and more success for this country, I mean who would not! When you are born in a place where you call it homeland you feel comfortable, safe, happy and seek to grow and develop with the land.


But not all what you wish comes true!


When we merge the two words “native and homeland” we see that homeland is a place where a group of people share birth, race, ethnicity, cultural background and language. That’s the heart of issue.

Abraham Lincoln said: Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.

Perhaps the most famous battle of the civil war took place at Gettysburg, PA, July 1 to July 3, 1863.
At the end of the battle, the Union's army of the Potomac had successfully repelled the second invasion of the North by the Confederacy's army of northern Virginia. Speaking of a "new birth of freedom" he delivered one of the most memorable speeches in U.S. It is striking to read Abraham Lincoln’s works and notice how as the Civil War continued, he made a conscious effort to speak less of the UNION and more of the NATION. With his unique method he made impossible to separate America’s ideals from America’s identity as a nation.

Note: Please read The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln.



A people who share common customs, origins, history, and frequently language; a nationality. Nations can have common origins, but origins aren’t confined to place of birth, it can be ideals and I believe people they understand this unconsciously and that’s are why they usually don’t use the “homeland”.


But then politics of government, freedom of thoughts and rules of law in a country plays a very big part that sometimes you feel it’s tricky and/or might not be fair. For the security and defense of the country they implement rules and regulations. When/If the rules are ideals that is the time when people will feel safe therefore they should not feel that the country belongs exclusively to some certain individuals.  Nevertheless what we word we use to describe ourselves; we are people whose nationhood is rooted in the familiar ideals we learned in civics class and that is the main reason that people are not ready to accept calling  their nation a homeland, they have hope that their nation is much more than that.


15.July 2017 - 20th Ramadhan

We are in Holy month of Ramadhan. Ramadhan is not only for Muslems. I have met friends across the world with different religions that are practicing fasting and do their own prayers for the sake of growing closer to their creator. Reading a holy book might help you better understand the belief of religious people but not all believers apply the said instructions in their holy books therefore we can’t and should not blame the religion for what they are or how they are, a person do not define a belief. Some believers are peaceful and some violent but both use the same holy book!

Should we read the Holy books of other Religions?

Well I read Bible and Torah couple of years back for the comparison with Quran first and to prepare myself for a better understanding and communication with my friends, colleague and even a person who I might meet for one time. I think it depends on how serious you are to know others. I mean if have a credible believe that we want to live in a peaceful society by being a Human and act as one (sometimes we forget our humanity part) then it would much advisable to gather not all but a small or the key factor informations about others that are surrounding us and/or interacting with plus it is an extra knowledge as well to gain. But we need to be sure and certain from where we are receiving the informations, the sources are very important. It happened that sometimes back one of my Christian friends asked me “is it true that a Muslem girl is not allowed to drive?” I was like …. “Who told you that?” she said one of her friends whom recently has converted to Islam has told her so. I asked her go and check with that person in which Holy Book and its instructions she has read such nonsense?!

At the end of the day we all head to One Creator and ask for Mercy. The names might be different but eventually we acknowledge and accept Him as our Creator and it is our duty to praise him; The Creator, the most Merciful, the Holy One, the Source of Peace and Perfection, the Guardian of Faith, the Preserver of Safety, the Exalted in Might, the Irresistible, and the Supreme: Glory to Him.

May He keep you safe under His shelter.


Peaceful weekend to all you my beautiful.


June 2017

When battles are fought, won or lost, there are millions stories told.

When children are born, there are dozens of books written by parents.

When empires are built, hundreds of manuscripts are found through the world.

Now is the time to tell a different tale.

Someone needs to tell the tale of friends, tale of colleagues, and tale of past, tale of “the time of building ourselves through others”.

Tales are made to teach us how to be, how to act and how to erect our dreams and future, how to choose and how to make a judgment.

I had a colleague. A simple, young and innocent yet smart girl. We worked together for almost 3 years. It was great years. I learned a lot from her and we shared a lot of stuff. We had lots of up and downs (she knows better). Fun, hard work, team building and full of stress with some fun actually sometimes a lot. One day she gave me a letter (as it’s seen in the post). I have a very bad habit; I always read the last paragraph or the last page first! And when I saw the note “The boy who watched you”, I was: EXCUSE ME!!! And she laughed, she said read it from start. I read.

It was beautiful. It was amazing. It was all what I needed that day.


My dear Cherie: “The best gifts come from the heart, not the store. A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer. 

Current read: Making Faces by Amy Harmon - Jun17

Currently reading so slow that I have not done it in my whole life, well maybe when I was in first grade! These days I need to apologize to books, booklovers and all the stuff and staff related to book world. I am incredibly busy with my life that it took me 14 days to finish a book of 300 pages so I’m pretty sure that I will not be able finish my current read as well in a very soon of coming days! .
Half of Ramadhan 1438/2017 passed and another half to come.
Wishing you all beautiful, peaceful and blessed upcoming days.


June 2017 ... A beautiful Morning.

Create positive energy for a positive change.



QURAN 55:60



The things we say, the things we think, the things we do, all produce energy that impacts us and people around us, if we work on creating more positive energy, we will see improvement in our life.

I have My Mirror whom always encourages me to stay positive no matter what circumstances are. I advise you to stick with your positive mate as much as you can.

Now you might ask how we can create a positive energy while most of our surroundings sound or seem negative!  Think of energy as anything that invokes a reaction in you: Playing with kids, gardening, reading book, walking on the beach, swimming, talking with a friend (of course not gossiping!), exercising, listening to music, drawing, cooking, travelling and all those stuff that keeps you happy.

When you read a book, how does that book makes you feel? What type of energy do you get most from reading that book? Take a break and close your eyes, imagine part of the plot and see what you feel. Reading is one of the most powerful and recognized forms of energy, so please keep reading.

And it is applicable in our daily life as well; when we talk, when we teach, when we raise our children and when we become an example. We do not need to inform children how bad, naughty or negative their parents or relatives were in their past or their childhood, all we need to share and show them are: positive energies of our past and present to build a healthy, peaceful and positive future.


Create positive energy for a positive change.


June 2017 ... an evening walk with little Sis.

“An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.” – Ancient Chinese Proverb.


The red sting of fate is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend.



According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way. The saying is that when you are born, you are already connected to the important people in your life and as each birthday passes, the threads shorten and tighten, bringing closer together those who are fated to be together. The Red Thread is an important symbol within relationships, it keeps people connected and close to each other nO matter they have met or waiting to meet each other in their life journey



June 2017.

Did you know that Reading is one of Islamic mandatory obligation that has been mentioned in Quran:

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ (1
Read in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created(1)

خَلَقَ الْإِنْسَانَ مِنْ عَلَقٍ (2)

Created Man out of clot of congealed blood(2)

اقْرَأْ وَرَبُّكَ الْأَكْرَمُ (3)

Read And thy Lord is Most Bountiful (3)

الَّذِي عَلَّمَ بِالْقَلَمِ (4)

He who taught the use of the pen (4)

عَلَّمَ الْإِنْسَانَ مَا لَمْ يَعْلَمْ (5
Taught man that which he knew not (5)

Anthropocene: the human age.

How young you are?!

Recently I was reading an article regarding the new geological epoch that recognizes humanity’s impact on the planet. For geoscientists, the timescale of Earth's history rivals the periodic table in terms of scientific importance. It has taken centuries of painstaking stratigraphic work — matching up major rock units around the world and placing them in order of formation — to provide an organizing scaffold that supports all studies of the planet's past. “The geologic timescale, in my view, is one of the great achievements of humanity". Humans began transforming the land surface thousands of years ago, through agriculture and other activities. That had led some researchers to propose an early start date for the Anthropocene. The research shows the estimated most intensive land use or in easy word; start of early life was in, about and around Middle East.

The geologic timescale is one of the great achievements of humanity. . .

I am:

38 years 3 months 29 days
or 459 months 29 days
or 1999 weeks 6 days
or 13,999 days
or 335,976 hours
or 20,158,560 minutes
or 1,209,513,600 seconds . .


June 2017 - Ramadhaan 1438

A. A. Do you read?

B. Restaurant's menu, ingredients, laundry instructions, newspapers and yes sometimes books.

A. Then you read?

B. Yes a lot.

A. But do you think what you read are sufficient and informative knowledge?

B. I guess so! I mean when I read the ingredient I know what I’m eating, when I read the laundry instructions I know with what detergent I need to wash my cloths and when I read newspaper I know what’s happening around me so I guess yes they are informative for me.
It does not matter what you read.
All what matters is: reading.

Happy reading people.


RECITATION OF THE HOLY QUR’AN IN RAMADAN ... May 2017 - Ramadhaan 1438

The best of deeds at the nights and on the days of Ramadan is the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. It is thus highly advisable to recite it in this month in a way different from reciting it in the other months, since its revelation was in Ramadan. A Hadith reads that everything has springtime; and the springtime of the Holy Qur’an is the month of Ramadan. It is recommended to recite the whole Qur’an once a month or once each six days in the other months, according to some narrations. As to the month of Ramadan, it is required to recite it wholly once every three days, If possible. It is also advisable to say supplications, offer prayers, implore for Almighty Allah’s forgiveness, and confess His Oneness as much as possible in Ramadan. 

Imam Ali Ebn Al Husain Zayn Al Abedin (a.s.) used to stop talking in Ramadhan except with phrases of prayers, glorification of Almighty Allah, implorations of His forgiveness, and phrases of confessing of His magnificence.

“Had it not been for your prayers (supplications), my Lord would not have cared about you'" (Qur'ān, 25:77)

O the Most High; O the All-great;

O Forgiver, O Merciful,

You are the Mighty Lord,

who has none like Him,

and He is the All Hearing, the All Seeing.

This is a month which You have made exalted,

honored, ennobled,

and excelled over the other months.

It is the month in which you have made fasting obligatory on me,

and it is the month of Ramadhan,

in which You sent down the Qur'an,

a guidance for mankind, having clear signs of guidance and distinction.

You have placed in it the night of power

and made it better than a thousand months.

O One who favours, and none favours You,

favour me by saving me from the fire,

amongst the ones You favour,

and make me enter Heaven,


by Your mercy, O the most Merciful.

with care and love

Pricncess Ahmad
Enjoy reading my blog!